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earn money

The Social Sale Rep website serves as both a training resource for using social media for business and a platform for connecting product sellers with what they refer to as “social sale reps” who may market their items on their behalf.

At least, that’s what they say it is.
I’ll be honest, though; some of the information provided on the Social Sale Rep website is quite false, and it’s unlikely that their method would help you earn anywhere like as much money as they claim.
The reality is that you probably won’t make any money at all…

It’s true that you may earn money by pushing products on social media, and the Social Sale Rep website does offer training that will help you understand how it all works, but it takes much more effort than you might think.

How Does Social Sale Rep Work?

The Social Sale Rep program is essentially a training program for affiliate marketing that you can earn money and emphasizes leveraging social networking sites as a promotional tool (as opposed to a blog or email list etc).

So tell me, what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically when you advertise businesses for 3rd party products online and get the chance to earn commissions from any sales you make.

You can affiliate with a variety of websites. In fact, the majority of websites nowadays, including well-known ones like Amazon, include an affiliate program. Let’s imagine you were an Amazon associate. You would essentially receive a special tracking code for every product that you could post online.

People can register on the Social Sale Rep website as product makers and list their products for the “social sale representatives” to advertise because the website also has its own internal affiliate programs (as shown below).

So the process looks like this…

As a remote employee, you sign up with Social Sale Rep and have access to training that teaches you how to promote products on social media.
You peruse the products available on the Social Sale Rep marketplace, look for ones you want to market, and purchase the repackaged promotional eBook.

Sounds good, right?

The fact that everything has been so heavily hyped up is the biggest aspect of Social Sale Rep. Sure, it’s not a complete fraud like the Paid Social Media Jobs program you previously uncovered, but in my opinion, because of the blatantly misleading claims they make, they are “tricking” you into purchasing it.

earn money

The approach itself is sound: you can use affiliate marketing to make money and influence people to use your affiliate links to make purchases.

The approach itself is sound: by promoting information items on social media, you can use affiliate marketing to make money and encourage people to use your affiliate links to make purchases. BUT you’ll need to use paid advertising if you want to have much success.

The Social Sale Rep website makes the absurd claim that you can use their “Viral Multiplier Technology” to generate a large amount of income without using paid advertising. Avoid falling into the hoopla surrounding this, as it isn’t all that exceptional. In essence, the idea is that those who download your eBook will re-upload it, share it with their friends, and still include your affiliate links, causing your promotion to “go viral.”

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